By marketing | October 22, 2020

“I had been “through the mill” with real estate agents trying to sell my condo.  Everyone told me that my condo was very hot and would sell easily. One realtor guaranteed he’d sell it in a week. So, I stupidly charged ahead and bought another one. Then I was paying two maintenances each month, two taxes, electricity times two, etc. And I still had not one offer.  Then someone in my building recommended Candy Swick Real Estate. Reluctantly I called and she came over to meet me right away. She was delightful and didn’t promise anything, just told me she’d do everything possible to sell my unit. And she did. There was a beautiful brochure and an online listing that showed the good features of it. She had her great assistant call me each day with updates and before I knew it, I had a much better offer than I expected. I would recommend Candy and her great staff if you’re in the market to sell or buy. She was the best, and you will be grateful you did.”