By admin | February 25, 2017

Lisa Yoder has been part of the Candy Swick & Company team since June of 2000.  Accuracy, organization, follow through and dependability are some of her personal qualities.  These strengths shine in her roles in our office.  Her expertise lies in coordination of both the listing and marketing process.  She pays attention to every detail and works closely with our clients to create design concepts to increase a property’s marketability on many different platforms; print, digital and internet media.  She continuously reviews and analyzes local market activity and is heavily involved with CSC statistical tracking and data entry for internal record keeping.   She is an avid supporter of local animal rescue and spends her free time volunteering for shelters and rescues, spreading the word of her firm belief in spay/neuter campaigns and stricter laws for animal abuse.  In addition to her husband and canine family members, she also cares for her horses and competes in the event of barrel racing.  She is a 2003 SBRA finalist, 2003; 2007; 2009-2013 NBHA Divisional Top 5, 2012 NBHA District Division Champion, a 2013 IBRA Top Dog, a 2016 NBHA State Champion and has been a multi-year qualifier and finalist in the NBHA World Show. Lisa has proven herself to be an irreplaceable asset to our team.