By admin | April 19, 2017

Not All Real Estate Agents are Created Equal.

If you’re trying to choose your dream home, partnering with the right agent is a crucial step. It might well be one of the most important steps next to finding the right mortgage. Buying a home can be stressful if you don’t have the right experts on your side.  There can be a pointed difference in your experience without them.

Fact is, a good real estate agent acts more like a coach: They know every step in the real estate playbook so they keep their cool as you work through the process. They encouraging you along the way, helping you navigate through your needs and wants. And, they help to remind you of the important things you need to do to get the job done.

How Well Suited Is Your Sarasota Real Estate Agent for Filling Your Needs?

When you start sifting through the ideal agent for the Sarasota area, You’ll want to build a set of criteria for finding the best fit. You may take the easy way out to work with a neighborhood agent, or a family member practicing part-time. Considering your making a decision that will impact the next 5-10 years of your life, you’ve only got one chance to get it right. So, here are some helpful methods for finding an agent who will best suit your needs.

Are You Hiring an Agent Who Will Be Sincere, Honest and Direct About the Value of Buying a Specific Home?

You need to make certain you can trust your realtor to tell you whether the home you’re looking at is really worth the price or not. They should know how to pull comparables and tell you: are you buying a home that will appreciate, or make you house-poor if the market’s growth slows? An agent who’s good at comparables will also help you develop a negotiation strategy. Your offer and requests have to balance getting the house you want with the cheapest price.

Is Your Agent Working to Find You A Home At the Right Price?

You need to know your agent is working for you, not just their own interests in closing sales. They need to find you the right home, at the right price—not just anything you’ll buy. This gives the highest opportunities for the best selling price with the most favorable terms. They should also help you navigate your long list of needs and wants.

Are You Partnering With An Agent You’re Confident is a Negotiation Specialist?

One of the most essential parts of the buying process is negotiating. Experienced agents won’t loose a sale with the wrong offer. If your real estate agent knows how to negotiate they know that deal-making is the turning point. It’s where money is saved—or lost. So you need someone who’s extremely capable, experience and successful at negotiation.