Most experts agree that moving to a new home is among the top three most stressful events in life – preceded only by death and divorce. But moving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. If you make up your mind that it’s going to be a positive experience, chances are it will be.

You’ve likely heard the expression, “Make the best of any situation.” Well, it’s especially true when moving into a new home. Think of the search for, and visiting of, your new home as an adventure; soon you’ll be excited about the opportunities.

In this article, we’ve included six of the best ways in which you can beat the stress of buying a new home and enjoy the experience.

1. Focus on the outcome, not the process

It’s a great idea to imagine, then list, the opportunities available in your new home and/or location. Think about how it will be better than where you are now. Consider how your life may change for the better – you’ll make new friends, meet new people and get to explore a new location.

Focusing on this list will help energize you when emotions are running high. Focus on your future goals when anxiety threatens to control you.

2. Be flexible

It’s important to be prepared as well as flexible when it comes to the financial aspects of purchasing a home. Since anything can happen between contract acceptance and closing, being flexible will mean less stress.

For example, interest rates can change during this time or repair costs can be more than the amount specified in the contract. Most buyers feel overwhelmed when costs seem to be escalating. They get angry because the reality doesn’t match their expectations. So if you plan for a few extra expenses, you’ll find you won’t be so stressed when they happen and pleased if they don’t.

3. Trust your broker

Looking at the big picture – with all the processes involved – can make anyone nervous. If you just take each task one step at a time, it won’t seem so overwhelming. Trust Candy Swick & Company; we’ve been through the house buying process with clients many, many times and we will help you through this one. Trust this professional team to take care of the details so you have a successful home buying experience just as our other clients have.

4. Be informed

The saying, “Knowledge is power” couldn’t be more true than in the home buying process. Once you feel you are not knowledgeable about an aspect of home buying, you lose control; therefore, it is essential that you keep yourself informed of the processes. As your agent, we’re here to keep you in the loop and let you know what’s happening at all times. We’ll do our best to let you know what your expenses will be. We’ll also help you get your loan approved as soon as possible. Candy Swick & Company’s ultimate goal is to make your home buying experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

5. Find your options

No matter what the situation is, you undoubtedly have options. Looking for, and deciding on, alternate possibilities will help you avoid a stressful situation. For instance, say your lender keeps asking for more and more documentation and you’re getting anxious to close on your home. Try to consider your options; you could 1. find a new lender or 2. give your current lender a few more days.

Just knowing that you have more than one option helps relieve the stress associated with this predicament. Always consider alternate options before getting upset. You’ll be happier for it.

6. Divert your attention

If there’s nothing you can do when a situation arises, try to divert your attention to something else. Perhaps you were expecting your loan to come through on Friday but find it won’t be ready until Monday. Find something fun to do to keep your mind off the situation. Watch a movie, visit friends, take a hike, do anything you can to make yourself forget about the loan. In the meantime, you’ll be having a lot of fun.

See, buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an opportunity for learning and living. Why not contact Candy Swick & Company today and enjoy the experience!

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