By admin | April 19, 2017

These key factors will help you sell your downtown Sarasota home faster and for more money.

These five success strategies include:

  • Pricing the property correctly
  • Cleanliness of the home
  • Easy accessibility for showings
  • Condition of the home
  • Curb appeal

Pricing it correctly

Pricing your home correctly is essential to selling it quickly and for the most money. The first 4 to 6 weeks are critical when selling your downtown Sarasota home. Because the market is so competitive, overpricing it by just a few thousand dollars could mean it will languish on the market too long. A home that’s been on the market too long will become stale (with only new buyers to the market looking at it) and buyers will assume something’s wrong with it. Pricing it at its fair market value will bring in more offers from more qualified buyers. Not sure what price is right for your home? Candy Swick & Company can provide an expert Comparative Market Analysis. Request your market analysis today!

Cleanliness of the home

A dirty, unkempt home is extremely negative to potential buyers. Nothing stops a buyer from further investigation of a home than a mess. It is imperative that your home be clean, uncluttered and free of offensive odors.

We, as homeowners, tend to overlook small things such as finger-smudged lightswitch plates, dirty walls and clutter, but potential buyers won’t. They expect a potential home to be clean and well maintained. You may not smell the odor of your pets, diapers or cigarettes but buyers will! Eliminate all odors by removing the offending item and airing out the home.

Why not contact Candy Swick & Company and have them walk through your home and objectively note items they find. Then act on their professional recommendations. You will be able to sell your home faster and net hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more by doing these simple things.

Is your home easily accessible to be shown?

Does you home have a key box installed so that an agent can show your home when necessary? If not, they may pass on showing your home. Having a key box installed at your home is a good idea.

It is also recommended that you do the following:

  • Keep lights on
  • Keep drapes and shutters open
  • Have soft music playing
  • Leave while the house is being shown
  • Fresh cut flowers offer a touch of style and a sweet aroma
  • Condition of the home

Your home MUST seem as though it has been well maintained. Paint is one of the best and least expensive ways to improve your home. A neutral color helps a potential owner imagine their belongings fitting in there. Also, if your carpet is dirty, worn or an unusual color you should have it professionally cleaned if dirty or consider replacing it if it is worn or outdated. It’s one of the best returns on your investment dollars you can make.

Repair any leaky faucets, faulty electrical outlets, etc. to show your buyers you’ve kept your home in outstanding condition.

Creating curb appeal

Nothing is more inviting than an attractive home. And since the entry way and /or exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees, it can make or break a sale. The entrance of your home MUST be clean, well maintained and appealing.

For more information on inexpensive ways to make your home most appealing, read “Cost Effective Strategies to Make Your Home More Appealing.”

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