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The larger cities of Bradenton and Sarasota may be better known. Still, the small town of Palmetto has some of the best Florida real estate, has a friendly attitude, and is close to the craziness of big cities without being a part of them.

Set on the shore of the Manatee River, Palmetto has some of the finest luxury waterfront property you could ask for. When it comes to Florida real estate, Palmetto has something for everyone. If you want scenic water views, Palmetto has them. If you want a luxurious downtown area, Palmetto has that too.

Palmetto has desirable real estate because of its amenities rich atmosphere. It has country clubs, golf courses, and even historic homes for sale. When it comes to Florida real estate, Palmetto is at the top.

Palmetto Florida Homes for Sale

There is so much beautiful real estate in Florida it can be challenging to know where to buy. Palmetto, however, is exceptional. It boasts luxury real estate offerings with scenic water views in a culture-rich atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in Florida.

Palmetto is known for its beautiful waterfront property, and its single-family homes are selling fast. So if you are in the market for luxury real estate, Palmetto is where you should look, and Candy Swick & Company is the real estate concierge service you should use.

Who is Palmetto, Florida, Suited for?

If you love the finer things in life, Palmetto has the finest Florida real estate for you. Palmetto offers progressive and modern living beside a friendly small-town atmosphere and a culture-rich lifestyle. In addition, Palmetto is known for its scenic water view and waterfront lifestyle, which put other Florida neighborhoods to shame.

Relax in your amenities-rich neighborhood while we deal with the details. As a concierge real estate service, Candy Swick & Company won’t just sell you your house; we’ll help you with your landscaping, painting, and staging. We spare no effort in making you feel at home.

Why a Concierge Real Estate Service is for You

You have so many things to think about when you’ve moved to a new location. You need to worry about unpacking, setting up your new home, and learning your way around the city. Let someone else worry about all the details for you.

That’s why Candy Swick & Company is perfect for you. You don’t have to find a separate landscaper to keep your lawn looking its best or a painter to give the finishing touches to your new home. We take care of all of that, so you don’t have to.

Now that you live in Palmetto, you want to enjoy the waterfront and the luxurious downtown. You don’t want to spend all your time on the phone looking for a lawn-care professional. Now you don’t have to Candy Swick & Company is a full-service concierge real estate service, and we do it all for you.

Why Choose Candy Swick & Company?

Candy Swick & Company has been providing concierge services to the buyers and sellers of the Florida Suncoast for nearly 40 years. Candy Swick, Owner/President of Candy Swick & Company, prides herself on providing each of her clients with hard work and superior outcomes based upon high levels of integrity.

She specializes in providing the foundation upon which your Real Estate Success will be built. In fact, Candy Swick is noted for setting the standard for quality in Real Estate, having built her reputation in Sarasota from the ground up. If you are interested in luxury living in Palmetto, contact Candy Swick & Company today!

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