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Bradenton is the county seat of Manatee, Florida with over 55,000 inhabitants as of 2020. This amenities-rich town situated between Tampa and Sarasota achieved incorporation in 1903. It also boasts a high livability score. Early Bradenton was more of a winter resort and shipping outlet for agricultural products. The city’s original size increased in 1943 when it merged with Manatee. Today, there are thousands of Bradenton, Florida, homes for sale.

Bradenton is culture-rich and has a diversified economy. Economic activities there include shipping, agriculture, and various forms of manufacturing. Though it is a popular retirement destination, Bradenton is also a great place to work and raise a family. Moreover, it is popular among beach enthusiasts, boat cruisers, and nature lovers. It’s also a place where you can enjoy scenic water views from a luxury waterfront.

In a nutshell, this is a city in a nice location, has temperate weather, and affordable real estate. All these and more make it a sound investment to buy Bradenton, Florida homes for sale. Candy Swick & Company is a concierge real estate authority in Bradenton.


Concierge real estate service providers like Candy Swick match prospective buyers with agents and assist sellers with all aspects of the sale process. Not only that, but they also provide a variety of pre-closing and post-closing services. For instance, a concierge service makes it easy to sort documents before transacting. An efficient concierge firm will also oversee your new home renovations, e.g., plumbing.

Providing such services indicates the company’s commitment to assist the client. Thus, a quality concierge firm must deploy all its resources to ease any discomfort a client may face. Advancements in technology are making concierge services more essential to real estate.

At Candy Swick & Company, experts will show you a variety of Bradenton, Florida, homes for sale. You’ll enjoy our excellent concierge services. Provide us with the necessary details, and we will immediately swing to action.


Bradenton is a real estate haven with suitable homes for every income level. It has provisions for those who seek luxury real estate in neighborhoods like Perico. There are also reasonably priced houses in places like Bradenton Village of the Arts. Whatever your needs, you’ll find suitable houses for sale in Bradenton. With Candy Swick & Company working on your behalf, you’ll get the best deal possible!

The Bradenton-Sarasota areas are one of the most sought-after destinations in the U.S. With this surging demand, finding suitable homes for sale in Bradenton can be challenging. Still, with Candy Swick & Company, you’ll be smiling somewhere in Bradenton in no time.


Candy Swick & Company is very experienced in the provision of concierge services. The company boasts almost four decades of meritorious service to its teeming clients. During that time, it has racked up a series of laudable achievements. For instance, it has successfully sold 100% of the properties they list.

This success is partly a referral network championed by a vast, diverse client base. To date, over 80% of the company’s business operations are from repeat and referral clients.

Moreover, Candy Swick, company owner and president, has accumulated years of professional expertise. With her in charge, you’ll get the services of experienced real estate technocrats.

Are you looking for luxury downtown Bradenton, Florida, homes for sale? It could be you want a simple, quiet apartment close to a beach. Whatever the case, you can also become part of this success story. Do not procrastinate. Take that all-important first step of contacting a Candy Swick & Company agent now!

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