By admin | April 19, 2017

Choosing the right real estate agent to find your dream home is the most critical decision you can make. There’s as big difference between a great experience and an average one. It all depends on how well your agent is suited for meeting your needs.

Ok. So how do you discover the ideal agent for the Sarasota market among thousands? Here are some help questions to ask when looking for a agent to help you buy your next Sarasota home

  1. How well suited is your Sarasota real estate agent for filling your needs?
  2. Are you hiring an agent who will be sincere, honest and direct about the value of buying a specific home?
  3. Is your agent working to find you a home at the right price?
  4. Are you partnering with an agent you’re confident is a negotiation specialist?
  5. Does your agent have the support of a team?
  6. Will your agent guarantee you a surprise-free strategy?
  7. Does your agent’s reputation and experience trump promises that any other real estate agent may make?